The Schneider Family Website

Welcome to ES Webs, the web site for Eric Schneider and his family in Sparks (think Reno), Nevada.

This site started out as a way of sharing family pictures and information with family and friends. It has since evolved into that and a collection of junk I have amassed over the many years I have been involved with computers.

Eric being funny for the kids

With this new site comes the added feature of a blog and commenting system! I have posted some family updates, rants about various things, some articles and a few tutorials. To leave comments you don't need to register, just fill in the comment form. I have also added a full fledged weather forecast as something new. You can still find all the file downloads and the contact form. Still, the real fun is in the photo gallery.

So crack open a diet Mr. Pibb or whatever and have a look around.


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