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When using Evernote, beware! Ctrl+z will not work beyond a certain word count. I had a rather large piece of typing, highlighted it to copy and quite by accident, typed ctrl+v followed immediately by ctrl+z. It did not undo at all. Instead, a popup appeared that invited me to view my history. The catch is I would have had to upgrade to the $72/year plan to do so. Pretty dirty trick - no undo button, disable ctrl+z, and demand $72 to do what ordinarily ctrl+z should do. I'll be looking for another note program and repeating this incident whenever the opportunity arises.

So the date is February 18, 2011 and the clock/radio wakes me up with the announcement that all Washoe County schools are closed due to snow! That following two days of two hour delayed starts for all Washoe County schools.

What on earth for? I mean, seriously! Come on! Where is the snow? This is like a thick frost or something! Back in 2005, We (Cherie, myself and the three kids) drove over Donner pass in the midst of a record snow storm that dropped six feet of snow in a week! Traffic around town barely slowed down for this snow. When I was a kid we used to hookey-bob behind the school bus but you needed more snow than this. I'll bet all the school bus drivers went skiing up on Mount Rose that day.

What kind of a snow-wimp school district official made the call for a snow day? Are they from the San Fernando Valley or something? Or maybe they just wanted to turn the three day presidents day weekend into a four day weekend. I didn't get a snow day. Just last week, Chicago had its first snow day in seven years. I hear stories of the school busses following snow plows. Makes perfect sense too.

Snow day

Snow day

Snow day

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